Four mischievous meerkat pups have been born at Chester Zoo

Four mischievous meerkat pups have been born at Chester Zoo

The quadruplets have been tucked away in their den since being born, but have ventured out and started exploring their habitat for the very first time.

The new arrivals, which are yet to be sexed or named by keepers, were born to first time parents Huskie and Beagle.

Lead keeper Kirsten Wicks, said:  “There are 21,000 animals here at the zoo, but surely none are cuter than these pups.

 “Parents Huskie and Beagle have been minor celebrities since they appeared on Channel 4’s The Secret Life of The Zoo last month. Visitors have been really keen to know how they’re getting on, so it’s amazing to be able to share the great news about their new arrivals.

 “This is their first litter and the pups are doing incredibly well, they have already began learning how to forage for food and are spending lots of time grooming and playing together. It’s the start of a growing, happy new mob!”

 Meerkats are native to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Angola and inhabit open country and sparse woody scrublands.

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