BID focus


The CH1ChesterBID Team are here to help you and your business survive and thrive in Chester city centre.

Key areas that you, our BID members, have identified for us to focus on are:

EnhancingEncouraging more people to use the city centre is a multi-faceted challenge, but one of the cornerstones is creating an environment that residents and visitors alike can be proud of. Working together with key city partners, CH1ChesterBID is invested in a wide and varied programme of maintenance and enhancements throughout the city centre – from simple but effective measures, such as cleaning the Rows, to introducing Welcome Ambassadors to enabling visitors to gain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their visits.
Promoting CH1ChesterBID develop integrated marketing campaigns and well-executed strategies to ensure that Chester is high on the visitor horizon and informs people about what the city centre has to offer. Our aim is to promote and deliver a positive visitor experience that will attract people to Chester, increase their dwell time, spending and encourage return visits.

CH1ChesterBID develops and promotes a calendar of high quality city centre events that appeal to a wide range of visitors, creating a positive image for Chester and bringing real benefits to city centre businesses within the BID area.
RepresentingOn behalf of all the BID members, CH1ChesterBID has become a key consultee for any major city centre. Changes and improvements within the city centre and report on any findings and outcomes.
CH1ChesterBID provide the link between all businesses and key partners/agencies across the city and has successfully introduced a full time City Centre Manager to resolve daily issues that cause frustrations.
SupportingOur focus is to bring business savings to you in order to help cut costs and develop your business. We are constantly working on developing and adding new benefits so keep your eyes peeled for new exclusive offers.

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