Chester Gift Card

Chester Gift Card

In order to lock money on to our high street and encourage shoppers to spend locally, Chester BID has launched the Chester Gift Card.

What is the Chester Gift Card?

A pre-loaded mastercard that can be redeemed in any Chester city centre business that has signed up to accept it.

What is the value of the gift card?

The card can be loaded with £5 or £500! Give the gift of a cup of coffee or a whole weekend away with hotel, food, drink, shopping, spa and experiences.

Why should I sign my business up to accept this gift card?

This is another way customers can put money in your til, locking in money on the high street. The more businesses that sign up the more desirable the card will be and the more money that can be locked into the local economy. Chester BID will use social media targeting so for example, someone in California who knows someone in Chester can buy a card online and it will be delivered directly to the the recipient in the UK, locking US dollars in to Chester’s high street.

How can people buy this gift card?

Purchases can be made online at or in person at Chester’s Visitor Information Centre by Town Hall.

How can I sign my business up?

Register your business as an outlet accepting the Chester Gift Card using:
Within this registration you’ll be asked to e-sign a Merchant Participation Form: 

You can also register your website to accept the card as a payment giving customers another way to spend money with you – more crucial now than ever!

  1. Simply run a £1 transaction on your website using these details*
    – Card Number: 5388 9500 0446 1817
    – Expiry Date: 11/25
    – Security Code / CVV: 661
  2. Submit details of the transaction here:
  3. Link can take up to 48 hours. Once complete your website will appear in the online retailers section here:

*NOTE: If your website won’t allow you to run a £1 transaction, just attempt to buy an item at any price. Miconex (the company that manages this tech) just need an attempted transaction to show in the system and they can link your online sales from there, can advise if you have any issues.

Which businesses can sign up to accept this gift card?

If you are a BID Member* then there is no extra charge to sign up for this program, it is a new benefit from your BID. Sign up takes 3 minutes and is done online, all you need to know is your businesses name and address. There are already 100 Chester high street businesses signed up to accept this card. The program is open to nationals and independent businesses, supporting the high street as one organism working together. See Gift Card FAQs here for more info.

Once you complete the sign up process your business will appear on

If you are a city centre business but are NOT a BID Member you can still take part. There are two options:

  1. For £50+VAT per year your business can accept the gift card as a payment and be listed on After you sign up via the below link you will receive an invoice from Chester BID to confirm your participation. See £50 sign up option with FAQs here. 
  2. Depending on the size of your business, you can become a Voluntary Chester BID Member Business for between £180 – £750 +VAT per year. This includes inclusion on the Chester Gift Card, marketing support (web and social media promotion, seasonal campaigns, annual awards), use of promotional spaces, support from City Hosts and inclusion in BID business network for consultation, lobbying and information sharing. See full benefits here in the Chester BID Voluntary Membership Pack. – contact Chester BID via to receive a quote for your businesses Voluntary BID Membership.  

*BID Membership is based on 2 criteria:

  1. Business location within the BID Area, the heart of the city centre – click here to see map of BID area
  2. Rateable value of your business being £18,000/year or above

Chester BID is funded by the BID Member businesses who pay an annual levy of 1% of their rateable value. Chester BID is democratically elected by BID Member businesses and runs for 5 year terms before re-ballot. Current term is 2019-2024.

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