A Boards Update

A Boards Update

The meeting took place on Monday 28th January.

Myself and Anna Rigby representing the Chester Accessibility Group spoke during the public part of the meeting and there was also a presentation by Vanesa Griffiths, CWaC Regulatory Services Manager. I made the case for reviewing the policy, specifically the simplification of application process, removing the need for A Boards to be shared and allowing businesses on street level to apply for an Aboard based upon the criteria of there being a specified number of locations per street. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee don’t make the policy decisions, their function is to scrutinise and make recommendations which are then considered by the cabinet member who will make the decision. After the presentations the members made statements and asked questions of Councillor Karen Shore, Cabinet Member – Environment and Vanessa Griffiths. At the conclusion of the discussion the committee made the following recommendations

1) To incorporate the recommendations of the report into the Council Policy on A Boards

2) To look at the application process and for the requirement for boards to be shared

3) For the Council to work with businesses and CH1 ChesterBID on providing alternative means of advertising other than the use of A boards

The meeting can be viewed at https://cheshirewestandchester.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/395252

My presentation 5.48, Anna Rigby’s presentation at 11.13 and members recommendations at 45.40

If anyone require additional information, I will come and see you on an individual basis about the next steps CH1ChesterBID takes in representing your interests in relation to this matter

Kind Regards,

Nick White, City Centre Manager, CH1 ChesterBID


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