Super database will keep city centre businesses connected

Super database will keep city centre businesses connected

Retailers in the heart of Chester will be better connected and informed about local events, activities and opportunities in the future, thanks to the creation of a new database of city centre businesses.

CH1ChesterBID Company, the group campaigning for a Business Improvement District (BID) in Chester, has pulled together a ‘super database’ of local traders to make sure that key information can be easily shared throughout the business community.

“This is something that will have huge benefits for every city centre business,” said Lenny Cunningham, General Manager at Cruise Nightclub and CH1ChesterBID supporter.

“Often businesses aren’t aware of events or festivals happening in the city because we haven’t been told about them and don’t know who to ask or which website to visit.

“It’s a massive oversight that CH1ChesterBID is keen to put right and it will be an early action if the BID gets the ‘Yes’ vote Chester needs in June.”

A comprehensive and continually updated database of businesses in the BID area will ensure owners and managers are fully informed in advance of any events or initiatives taking place in the city centre, allowing them to maximise opportunities for extra trade and business.

Local businesses would also have one point of contact through CH1ChesterBID and could use it to share relevant information with the rest of the city.

Paul Daniels, Chairman of CH1ChesterBID, added: “Events create opportunities for boosting the bottom line and for too long now local businesses have been missing out on these opportunities because they haven’t been communicated properly.

“Being kept aware of what’s happening on our doorstep will be a welcome development that will benefit us all. I am asking every business large or small to help put this great city back where it belongs by backing CH1ChesterBID and voting ‘YES’ this June. Every vote counts and we can’t let this opportunity pass us by.’

More than 500 businesses within the CH1ChesterBID area will vote on the CH1ChesterBID proposals this June to decide if a Business Improvement District should be created within the city centre.

If successful, around £2.5m of private sector investment would be generated by the BID over the next five years and used to fund a range of improvements agreed by the businesses themselves, including a high quality events and festivals programme and a world class welcome to the city for visitors.